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Despite the challenges of growing coffee beans in Turkey, the strong bond between Turkish coffee and the Turkish people dates back to the 16th century. However, just as iconic in Turkish culture is lokum (Turkish delight), a sweet treat that has been cherished for centuries and often accompanies Turkish coffee.

At Loqum and Co, our goal is to preserve the rich tradition of lokum and pass it on to future generations. Lokum, with its various flavors and textures, is known as an indispensable complement to the coffee experience. By promoting this special role of lokum, we aim to enhance the overall Turkish coffee experience further. Lokum symbolizes hospitality and cultural sharing, making it a perfect ambassador for Turkish culture.

In addition to lokum, Turkish coffee is an integral part of our product range. The process of roasting and serving coffee, synonymous with "Turkish coffee," is considered a significant aspect of Turkey's cultural heritage. At Loqum and Co, we aim to elevate the reputation and value of Turkish coffee while ensuring it complements the primary experience of enjoying lokum.

Our mission is to promote both lokum and Turkish coffee on an international scale, increasing their recognition locally and globally. We are committed to bringing the tradition of Turkish delights and coffee to the world stage with a modern approach. The variety of sweets and lokum we offer, alongside Turkish coffee, are key elements that define our brand's mission.

By focusing on the combination of lokum and coffee, we strive to introduce Turkish culture and hospitality to a broader audience. Enhancing the value and reputation of lokum, and by extension Turkish coffee, remains one of our core objectives at Loqum and Co.