Turkish Coffe


Turkish coffee stands out not only for its unique brewing method but also for its flavor, presentation, and cultural significance. Particularly in the Middle East and Turkey, it is deeply intertwined with hospitality, social bonds, and lifestyle.

The preparation and serving process, steeped in tradition, was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2013.

Turkish coffee is made by finely grinding carefully selected Arabica beans. This grinding process is crucial to achieve a rich and intense flavor profile, characterized by its full-bodied taste and velvety texture.

The brewing process is carried out with meticulous care; finely ground coffee is mixed with water and boiled in a special pot called a cezve over low heat. This slow and gentle brewing process extracts all the flavors of the coffee, resulting in a strong and concentrated brew.

The serving of Turkish coffee is also done with attention to detail; it is served in small cups and often accompanied by a piece of Turkish delight. It is sipped slowly, and sugar can be added during brewing according to preference. Best enjoyed with warm conversation; Turkish coffee is not just a beverage but also a symbol of camaraderie, friendship, and sharing.

Fortune Telling and Coffee Divination Tradition

Similar to the art of reading tea leaves, known as tasseography, fortune-telling through the intricate patterns created by coffee grounds has captivated hearts and minds with its mystery for centuries. Rooted in Turkish traditions, this mysterious practice relies on the settling of ground coffee beans at the bottom of a small cup. Typically served with a small cup and saucer, Turkish coffee leaves the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup. If a coffee fortune is to be read, the cup is first covered with its saucer, then inverted, and the fortune-teller interprets not only the coffee grounds inside the cup but also the patterns created by the spilled grounds on the saucer.

Each swirl of coffee grounds reveals a different story, from complex lines to shapes and intriguing formations. Each line, dot, and circle carries a meaning. Mountains signify adventure, giants symbolize luck, and birds denote promotion. Turkish coffee, from the stories and traditions accumulated over centuries to the serving sets, opens the doors to a unique world for coffee enthusiasts everywhere.